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For Newbies: 3 Questions To Ponder When Buying Professional Hair Cutting Shears


If you are in the market for salon quality hair cutting shears, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the various choices that are available. You can buy your hair scissors at any quality beauty supply store or specialty shop that sells salon equipment and tools. If this is your first time making such a purchase, don't assume that all hair cutting shears are alike, however. Before you grab just any pair, you will want to assess your needs and make your choice wisely. Think about what you will basically use the hair cutting shears for, as well as the design of the shears and the length of the blade. Here are questions you may want to address when buying your hair cutters:

1. What Style or Styles Should You Choose?

To choose the correct style of hair cutting scissors, consider how you will be using them. If you will be using the hair scissors quite often and heavily, you might want to invest in an ice tempered pair of stainless steel hair cutting shears. Ice tempered blades will typically last longer and hold their sharp edge longer than ordinary stainless steel.

If you will need scissors for thinning the hair or adding layers, you'll probably want a good pair of thinning shears. Thinning shears typically have two blades that are totally different from each other. One blade is like an ordinary scissor blade designed for cutting the hair, while the second blade incorporates many "teeth" for thinning and styling the hair. This is good for layering and creating different hair styles. If you're working on thick and curly hair textures, you might prefer the chunking thinning shears. This style features larger gaps between the teeth, enabling you to remove more hair faster.

For fine or thin hair that needs to be layered, you might want o pick up a pair of finishing thinning shears. These scissors will remove less hair and feature more teeth than the aforementioned styles.

Also, when thinking about styles of hair cutting shears and who will be using them, consider whether the stylist is right or left handed. For lefties, you might invest in a professional pair of left-handed hair cutting shears.

Finally, if you will be cutting short hair (particularly on men and boys), choose a standard pair of barber shears. These are good for quick touch-ups and trims that do not need fancy styling or layering.

2. What Types Of Blades Should You Consider?

Basically, there are two types of blades to choose from. The two blades used in hair cutting shears are beveled and convex. The beveled feature a serrated edge, designed to taper and layer effortlessly. The convex blade are sharp as a razor and excellent for cutting straight from the sides or back.

Additionally, do not forget the length of the blade, as these may differ as well. For trimming short hair close to the head or around the ears, a shorter blade will suffice. However, you will need shears with a long blade for cutting long lengths of hair and for creating various cuts, such as the bob hair style

3. Can You Purchase Ergonomically Designed Hair Cutting Shears?

The answer to this question is, yes. You will find hair cutting tools that are designed with proper ergonomics to reduce stress on your hand and finger joints. This is very important to eliminate the risk of stress related injuries due to repetitive motion. It is also ideal for those with arthritis of the finger joints or tendinitis and carpal tunnel conditions. That said, what should you look for in ergonomic hair cutting shears? For one thing, look for something labeled as a crane grip, which curve naturally to fit your fingers, and allow your thumb to rest in comfort, too. A bent thumb ring will also help alleviate stress on the thumb.  


12 January 2017